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Finger buffets catering Cheshire, Stockport, Cheadle and Manchester
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Menus And Prices

A finger buffet is ideal when space or facilities are limited. Food which is designed to be eaten, using only fingers whilst standing up, mingling and chatting. Below is just one example of our nine finger buffets. Many items can be served either hot or cold. We are different from most catering companies, our menus are only samples or suggestions. With us, it’s possible to “pick and mix” from other menus, add items which are not on our menus or even choose from other style menus (such as fork buffet menus) all so that you are able to choose something which suits your tastes and budget.

You can download PDF documents that list all our finger buffets at the foot of this page. If you have any queries at all please contact us. Thank you.

The Wharfe Finger Buffet

Selection Of  Club Sandwiches Fillings to Include;

Rare Roast Beef, Sugar Baked Ham Salad,
Sliced Egg Salad, Smoked Turkey, Veg & Chilli Bean,
Smoked Salmon, Tuna & Sweetcorn, Chicken Tikka,
Pastrami, Cottage Cheese & Peppers, Avocado Salad.

Minced Steak Or Vegetable Samosas (V)
With Mango Chutney

Smoked Haddock Croquettes

Ham & Mozzarella Calzone (Hot or Cold)

Authentic Guacamole And Tortillas (V)

Surf ‘n’ Turf (King Prawn and Fillet Steak Kebabs)

Chicken Wellingtons

Individual Salmon & Broccoli Crofter’s Pies

Thai Pork


Peanut & Fudge Shortbread

Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

Eastern lamb pita pouches
A great finger buffet choice, baby pita’s crammed full of slow-roasted lamb flavoured with eastern spices

Download a Full Set Of Finger Buffet Menus With Prices