About By Request

As we have already said on our home page,
By Request is a professional, bespoke, outside catering company and has been so for over 32 years now.

At By Request our staff are qualified and committed to providing handmade, fresh food every day. Because we know entertaining, even for those who are experienced is not only stressful but hard work!

One simple telephone call to By Request will relieve both these problems. All you need to do is tell us what you want, where and when you want it, and for how many. All you need to do and that is put on your party frock, grab a glass of something nice and work up an appetite –  we do the rest.

Whether your event is a lavish wedding, a birthday bash. Or an anniversary celebration, a christening, a house warming, a leaving party, a funeral, a staff get together, a company function, an intimate dinner for two or a barbecue. By Request is at your service. We have years of experience catering in all sorts of circumstances and venues. Anything from corridors, cupboard sized kitchens, fields, car parks, shopping malls, garages, marquees – you name it. We have been there, done it and got the tee-shirt to prove it!

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Why By Request, Why are we different? What do we do?

We do – offer a choice of products and service, which we can adjust to suit you “The Customer”.

We don’t –  tell you what you must have.

We do – tell you what our prices include.

We don’t – give you a very cheap price and then add all extras on the invoice after the event. We do this because we want to serve you again and again.

We do – prepare all food fresh each day in purpose-built kitchens, using only the freshest, finest ingredients.

We don’t – keep costs down by defrosting some processed factory made item. At By Request, we have the skills and ability to prepare and produce all our products, on a daily basis. We do all this in purpose-built kitchens in order to guarantee quality and freshness.

We do – create delicious buffets (hot and cold), make beautiful canapés, pack up splendid hampers. Make your wedding reception special and memorable, serve boardroom lunches, make scrumptious sandwiches etc. It is our raison d’é’tre.

We don’t – deliver soup in plastic cups, make curled at the corner corned beef sandwiches wrapped in cling film. We don’t use anything other than the freshest of ingredients, buy-in ready-made meals etc. We are a professional catering company, not a sideline.

We do – offer excellent service whether you’re having sandwiches for 6 or a marquee event for 600.

We don’t – try to impress you the first few times you use us, and then let you down altogether when a bigger customer comes along.

We do – offer service which is reliable, consistent and always value for money.


52 weeks of our year are spent making sure all your catering requirements are taken care of, week in and week out.