Legislation – the small print

Some of the current legislation around food and food production.

We make all the dishes ourselves. If you have any intolerance please let us know and we can tailor menus or individual dishes to suit. The legislation is important but health is more important

Legislation from the Food agency list of dangerous allergens in food
Government list of allergens. We make everything ourselves so if you have an allergy speak to us to ensure there are no problems or we can make dishes free of any ingredients which might cause a problem. Current legislation

If you have ANY issues with food intolerances, speak to us so we know and can ensure everyone’s safety.
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Certificate for Handling Food Catering Manchester
Carl Nicholls Food Handlers Certificate
Local Authority Food Hygiene Rating Under Current Legislation
Stockport Council Environmental Inspection Score

Food safety is THE most important consideration in the way we operate day to day and in fact year to year. All our chefs are trained and experienced to ensure the highest standards are met to at least reach the standards set and exceed where ever possible.
Our waitresses were some of the first to wear the “blue” food service gloves, and because nobody had seen them before we would spend an age trying to explain it was done for hygiene reasons and to help raise standards of food safety