Gourmet Selection

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Our fine dining experience. Upmarket restaurant-style ideas. Served just for you in your home or venue by our team of chefs and waitresses

“Sit Down” Gourmet Ideas and Prices

Why not take a look at our Gourmet Selection for those more formal occasions? This is a great way to show off your company with a truly Gourmet menu from our “Fine Dining” range. Our waitresses serve your guests with a pre-lunch / dinner drink and maybe some canapés, whilst our chefs prepare the food just for you and your guests. Listed below is a very small list of choices from our Gourmet Selection, the actual list is very extensive and you can download the complete list with prices at the foot of this page. We can supply a full range of wines from around the world – all you have to do is ask. If you have any queries at all about mixing and matching menu choices or whatever else please contact us, we are happy to help and discuss all aspects of your prospective function.

A small list of choices from By Request’s Gourmet Selection of menus

A Light Crab Bisque, Made With Fresh Crab, Saffron, White Wine & Topped With Chervil

Lemon & Dover Turbans Of Sole Conceal A Fresh Salmon Mousse

A Warm Salad Topped With Chicken Livers & Caramelised Apples

Queen Scallops Poached In White Wine And Coated With A
Saffron & Chive Sauce

Parmesan Coated Brie, Pan-Fried & Served
With Lemon & Lime Gremolta

Black Pudding Baked In Cider And Served With A Tart Bramley Sauce


A Rich Casserole Of Tender Chunks Of Steak In A Guinness Sauce Topped With Herbed Dumplings

Medallions Of Lamb Fillet Upon A Bed Of Potato Rosti
Then Drizzled With Tomato & Basil Glaze

Breast Of Chicken Stuffed With Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Basil, Moistened With An Olive Orange Dressing

Monkfish, Fennel And Yoghurt; A Dish Of Pastel
Shades & Delicate Flavours

A Generous Slice Of Terrine Made From Layers
Of Pork Fillet And Leaf Spinach


Chocolate & Sultana Steamed Pud With Crème Anglaise

Individual Apple & Hazelnut Tartes Tartin

Naughty Chocolate & Coffee Bean Mousse

Poached Fresh Peaches In Cointreau Then Topped
With Home-made Ice Cream


Connoisseur’s Cheese Board, Featuring A Selection Of Fine Hand Made Cheeses From Around The World.
Each Cheese Is Labelled Telling You A Little More About It