Winter Barbeques, In Sunny Manchester

Not something you think that would be popular, a barbecue in the North West of England between October and April! But we do approximately a quarter of all our barbecues in the winter (cold, wet, dark) months.

BBQs in Bolton

Bolton, by a reservoir in November In slightly less than balmy.


People ask “what happens if it rains?”. To which we reply “we bring a gazebo” this covers the bbq, chef and the food tables, we can bring more to cover the guests. This as is all equipment is included in the price. (No sneaky hidden costs).

In the example above, at Go Ape at Rivington near Bolton they were organised enough to have a permanent shelter erected, some times we work under awnings, car ports, cycle shelters, or even in garages!

If you want a barbecue, whatever the time of year, where the location and whatever the weather we at By Request can provide you with a barbecue. Call 0161 428 0833 for more information.


barbecue catering in winter across greater Manchester and Cheshire

Just as we got set up for lunch for a small team building day the snow began. But delicious hot, freshly cooked local fayre was waiting for our guests.


The Vancouver Menu

Sirloin Steaks Marinated in Guinness

Cantonese Peppered Pork Loin

French Trimmed Lamb Cutlets in Red Wine

Local Cumberland Sausage

Satay and Cajun Chicken Skewers

Bombay Rice Salad

Apple Waldorf Salad

Three Bean Salad

Mediterranean Roast Vegetables

Summer Dressed Leaves

Baby Corn on the Cobs

Garlic Bread And Buttered French Bread

Jacket Potatoes With Butter and Cheese

Exotic Fresh Fruit Salad Laced With Cointreau

Deep Chocolate Fudge Cake

Home-made Red Cherry Cheesecake

Condiments and Dressings

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