Stockport Nursery Testimonial 


We recently started to provide hot meals for a local school. The headteacher emailed us to give us some feedback and was happy to provide a nursery testimonial .”Hi Carl, Everyone loved the dinner today.  Lots of parents coming in to pick children up have commented too on how lovely they are.  They can choose to pay to stay for a little longer so I think seeing the food is tempting quite a few.  They ate everything really well today.  It was all gorgeous.  One of the staff said it was as lovely as a home-made dinner.  We perhaps didn’t need quite as much veg. They loved the meat, coleslaw and yoghurt too. Thanks”


Nursery Reccomendation

By Request Catering Were Recently Asked To Caterer For A Local Nursery. We Were Lucky Enough To Receive A Glowing Testimonial



As far as the nursery school meals are concerned we stick to the strict guidelines laid down by the government but try to make them attractive and varied. All food uses fresh local ingredients, all prepared in a kitchen by chefs rather than mass produced in a factory by machines.

Week 1


Oven baked burger in a soft roll with baked beans

Veggie burger

Mini yoghurt pots



Ham and pasta bake

Mushroom pasta bake

Mixed green salad

Fresh fruit platter



Fish fingers

Egg salad

Tomato wedges & peas

Mini yoghurt pots


Chicken curry and rice

Veggie curry

Fresh fruit platter


Fish pie

Veggie bake

Mixed veg

Mini yoghurt pots

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